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Translated from Brazilian Portuguese

Globo, Top Rank Boxing Deal in Brazil. Robson Conceição and Esquiva Falcão.

An agreement between Grupo Globo and Top Rank, an American company that promotes the careers of Robson Conceição and Esquiva Falcão, has defined that from now on, the pair's live matches will be exclusively broadcast to Brazil through the pay-per-view system.

The two companies had come to a standstill during the renegotiation of the TV rights contract, and the solution found to generate the amount to fill the gap between what Top Rank, represented by attorney Stephen Stim, called for and Globo offered was to put the duels in Globosat's Combate channel.

Before the companies resolved the impasse, Brazilian fans who wanted to follow the latest fight of the Brazilian Olympic champion in Rio 2016, Robson Conceição, on February 16, resorted to the official page of Top Rank on Facebook, which released the signal. The transmission was marked by problems, which were from the absence of audio to signal drops, in another victory of the Brazilian. During the negotiations, the rights to this fight had been offered for free, provided it was shown by Globo on open TV.

The exhibition of the fights of the pair by the pay-per-view, through the Combate Channel or buying the single event on pay-per-view, begins already in the next fight of Robson, scheduled for the next day 28, against Alex Torres, in Philadelphia. The idea is for Grupo Globo to actively participate in the promotion of the fight in Brazil, with issues in the days preceding the duel on Globo and SporTV to boost the sale of pay-per-view packages. The VTs of the Brazilians' matches will be released for display on SporTV after a one-week period.

Other top boxing promotions promoted by Top Rank will continue to be broadcast live on the SporTV channel.

"It's good [the pay-per-view broadcast], interesting, it values ​​my fights and it motivates me even more to train hard to compete for the world title," celebrates Robson. '' I thank the Brazilians who believe in me, I am sure of a good audience at this stage. ''

"The partnership with Top Rank comes from a long time ago, boxing is awakening interest as content," celebrates Felipe Lazaro, sports rights manager at Grupo Globo. "Through this new agreement, we will have the opportunity to bring to the Brazilian public the fights involving Robson Conceição and Esquiva Falcão, athletes already consecrated in the Olympic rings and who have everything to dispute belts in professionalism already in 2018."

Sources linked to Top Rank guarantee that Esquiva, a silver medalist at the London Games in 2012, will compete within the next few months for the World Boxing Association world title against Japan's Ryota Murata in a rematch of the Olympic final.

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