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Blizzard announces Overwatch World Cup participants

Blizzard Games announced on Tuesday the 32 nations that will participate in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup.

Qualifications for the tournament began March 29, with countries rated based on the average skill rating of the top 100 competitive players in each nation. China, reigning champion South Korea and the U.S. were the top three qualifiers. Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Denmark and Russia rounded out the top 10.

China finished with an average rating of 4,550, more than 500 points above the floor for the top tier in the game, Grandmaster. The No. 32 team, Romania, was nearly 700 points behind that and near the ceiling of the Master tier at 3,861.

With the field finalized, countries now will choose their individual player representatives, according to developer Blizzard Games. Those representatives will select rosters from their respective countries and then compete in group stage play throughout the summer to determine which teams will make the eight-team playoffs in November at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.

This is the second year of the Overwatch World Cup. South Korea won the inaugural tournament, and Russia was runner-up. Sweden and Finland finished third and fourth, respectively.

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