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With more than 30 years of experience in transactional law, StimConsul, Ltd. is eminently qualified to manage your legal needs and will be an obvious choice for your representation in New York City and throughout the world. StimConsul, Ltd. represents clients in a wide array of practice areas that include entertainment, sports, international and corporate business, oil and gas and employment law. Unique skills and experiences through working with clients worldwide in many areas of expertise are an essential trait necessary to gain a big picture perspective. StimConsul Ltd. has that exact insight you’re looking for while offering each client our personalized attention and service, devoting  energy to negotiating the best possible outcomes in every case scenario. This perspective is vital to your future successes. 


StimConsul, Ltd. is a leading edge entertainment law firm in New York City. We manage issues pertaining to agreements, rights of talent, music agreements, distribution, and licensing and merchandising with studios, networks, production companies and syndicators. We also provide representation to an array of clients, including:



TV programs & series

Actors and actresses

Production companies

Musical performers


Copyright, trademark and chain of title


Protecting your intellectual property is vital to ensuring the safety of your work. Copyrighting anything you have written proves that it is yours. A copyright certificate helps you if you choose to sue someone for stealing your work and protects you if someone accuses you of stealing theirs. Trademark refers to the name of your company or brand, and a trademark registration helps ensure that no one steals your branding. StimConsul, Ltd. can help you file the appropriate documents to get your work copyrighted or trademarked and can advise you if a lawsuit arises.

Chain of title is essential for anyone in the film industry. It establishes the proprietary rights of a film and provides a documented history as to who owns those rights. A script can pass though many hands and many companies before a film is made. Proper documentation is essential to your success. 

Agreements of all types and sizes

StimConsul, Ltd. negotiates agreements and contracts for management, production and even to secure film locations. A clearly defined management contract is essential to fostering a good and productive relationship between client and manager. Production agreements safeguard all participants involved in making a film. Without solid contracts in place, things can easily fall apart. We collaborate with other attorneys, talent, writers, producers and directors to develop profitable agreements that benefit our clients. 



StimConsul, Ltd. has been successfully representing boxing franchises and MMA promoters such as Zuffa, LLC. and Top Rank. We work on international syndication and distribution negotiations and contracts for our clients. We also research regional pay satellite platforms in search of just the right venue for our clients and provide market-by-market local sales to broadcasters or pay television platforms.

Examples of the types of work include:

Negotiating with investors

Developing agreements with television networks

Putting together contracts with athletes and collaborators

We also aid individuals looking to start an MMA franchise who are seeking investors as well as television vehicles to launch proposed events.

The complexities of sports law are vast

Contract negotiations and agreements are just one of the many aspects that we manage. Additional legal concerns may include antitrust matters, union issues, and privacy and publicity rights — not to mention a host of other possibilities. StimConsul, Ltd. is a law firm with more than three decades of experience in this area. We have handled every conceivable and inconceivable issue with the legal prowess you expect from seasoned professionals.

Sports are a business and just like a business, it requires an attorney with the proper legal skills and knowledge to ensure profitability and success. StimConsul, Ltd. has a track record that speaks for itself in both the national and international arenas. 





Sports and entertainment are a business and when an event is international, it becomes international business requiring an experienced lawyer. StimConsul, Ltd., is adept at negotiating and managing the broadcasting aspects of sporting events and live entertainment throughout the world.

The success of these events often lies in the hands of the partnerships behind the scenes. We understand the importance of the business of sports and entertainment and play an integral role in ensuring the well-being of existing partnerships, continuously working diligently on negotiating the renewals of existing agreements and forging new ones.

Conducting international business transactions on a regular basis, we also spend time seeking out and putting together new partnerships and aid in securing financing with foreign investors and banks. StimConsul, Ltd. is always on the lookout for new markets that could benefit clients looking to expand their broadcast reach. 




Investors, accountants, staff and of course, a lawyer, are all essential to any business venture. StimConsul, Ltd. has been offering legal advice to corporations for more than 30 years.

We are highly experienced in setting up business formations, creating business governance and negotiating transactions. StimConsul, Ltd. has extensive experience in negotiations and interactions as well as protecting respective rights of partners and drafting articles of formation. Attorney Stephen G. Stim is skilled at retaining qualifying entities in other jurisdictions, tax compliance, securing federal employee ID numbers and setting up bank accounts. Our firm develops all types of agreements, including:


Operating agreements

Shareholder agreements

Employment agreements

Contractor agreements

Joint venture agreements

Asset & sale agreements

Stock agreements

Purchase & sale agreements


From lawsuits to partner disputes to business expansion, building a connection with StimConsul Ltd. will keep your business reaching for the stars even when legal matters, good or bad, arise. We provide ongoing legal advice, design strategies for business disputes among partners, protect the rights of clients and build architecture for legal claims.




StimConsul, Ltd. has been representing clients in employment contract negotiations for more than 30 years. Attorney Stephen Stim is an executive negotiation lawyer in New York City with the experience you need. He has handled countless senior executive negotiations. He has written employment agreements, including executive incentive agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, stock options and grants agreements.

Managing not only negotiations pertaining to employment but also terminations, including settlement agreements and severance packages. Our list of business clients is impressive, having successfully represented numerous corporate presidents, senior vice presidents and executives at a number of national television networks in the United States and abroad. While also advising employed clients on contract renegotiations and compliance issues and compiling agreements for clients that provide consulting services to various corporations.


Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to be sure the contract you are signing meets your needs and your expectations. StimConsul Ltd. negotiates every aspect of the employee contract, including:


Signing bonuses

Year-end bonuses


Vacation packages

Sick leave and personal time

Stock options



As well as any other matters that may pertain to your unique situation. We will not let you sign until certain beyond doubt that you are satisfied with the package negotiated on your behalf. 




StimConsul Ltd. represents franchise cable operators, high-speed Internet providers and private cable operators. Handling negotiations on behalf of these companies to obtain right of access agreements with condominiums, apartment associations and management companies. The agreements give the cable companies the right to provide broadband cable, satellite television, Internet access and VOIP to these buildings.

For more than 30 years, StimConsul, Ltd. has been helping providers and operators acquire contracts, allowing them to provide their customers with cutting-edge services in the areas of television and Internet. Dealing with associations and management companies requires a certain finesse to maintain the delicate balance between all involved parties. We understand the complexities of these negotiations and can reach mutually beneficial agreements that keep everyone satisfied.

StimConsul, Ltd. also negotiates contracts with bandwidth and equipment providers and suppliers, technical consultants, utilities and taxing authorities. In addition, develops financing agreements, including mezzanine asset-based loans, joint ventures, LLCs and partnerships. Offering legal advice regarding disputes among operators and homeowner associations, building associations and management companies.

Every aspect of cable operation is competitive and often complex. Having a qualified attorney on your team, to get you the agreements you need, is an essential part of remaining successful. 



StimConsul, Ltd. represents clients with investments in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas wells in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alberta, Canada. Our firm has over three decades of experience in this area, literally knowing the industry from the inside out. 

Stephen Stim is co-manager of an oil company in Mississippi called Columbia Petroleum, LLC. The company has major holdings in Little Cedar Creek, Alabama, a major shale oil field, and has interests in eight different sections of those oil fields. His unique position in the oil and gas industry gives Stephen Stim an edge that other lawyers for oil and gas investment just don't have. Stephen Stim understands every aspect of the industry and he understands the laws that govern it. 

When you hire the law firm of StimConsul, Ltd., you can rest easy. Our firm negotiates and maintains agreements and handles litigation and administrative matters involving your operators, royalty owners, working interest owners, lessees and lessors. From analysis, negotiation and documentation of transactions related to exploration, development and operation of oil and gas properties, to performance of due diligence and preparation of agreements for the acquisition or disposition of oil and gas properties, we provide our clients with comprehensive legal counsel.



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